fredag 6 februari 2009

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (short BPAL) was a site that I become aware of early. Oh, I have a big softspot for anything dark and gothic, with elemenits of cemetery romantic, fetishism and ockultism. Yes, it was as if BPAL created their products with me in mind.
Despite my fascination I never placed any order, other more recognized, high quality and easier available perfumes soon fullfilled almost any spot on my "must try-list". And even tough BPAL´s
external looks was so amazingly attractive, I was hesitant about the oils being particulary good. How could they put up a fight against 100 euro perfumes made by Serge Lutens, Frederic Malle and others alike?
Well, I will soon find out. My curiosity and first crush finally win. I recently got me a Paypal-account (I am soooo late, I know, but...) to be able to shop on Ebay. And there it was, among other interesting things, a lot of BPAL products! So I am soon a proud owner of Harvest Moon, Schwarzer Mond and Winter of our Discontent. I felt a great relief when I realised that I will finally got to try them!
When my little bottles arrive I will try them, and hopefully I will like them a lot or at worst find them terrible, but at least then I will KNOW!
Do you want to get lost at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab? Here is the link:
Have you tried BPAL? Should I have save my 19,75 pound? Do you have any favourite? Or are you maybe even a BPAL-nerd? Tell me...

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