lördag 28 februari 2009

Interview with Neil Morris.

Sometimes one just have to bragg a little. I´ve just got my first article published at Fragrantica. It is an interview with Neil Morris, the man behind Neil Morris Fragrances. http://www.neilmorrisfragrances.com/
It is really fun that it is a interview with Neil, since he is one of the nicest people I´ve encounter. And of course it is cool to be published on a site that reaches about 300.000 visitors/month! And I am so greatful to jeca, the fine editor of Fragrantica, that gave me this opportunity. I will eventually write more articles for Fragrantica, but I wont tell you what I will write about next.

I couldn´t in my wildest imagination belive that my interest for perfumes would lead to the possibility for me to write about perfumes, interview perfumeurs and to get published on an international perfume site! Again I must say, there is few interests that can be more worthwile than perfumes.

Here is a link to the article: http://www.fragrantica.com/news/Interpret-the-world-with-the-nose-Interview-with-Neil-Morris-712.html

I think it become good and very nice edited by jeca!

By the way, I looked up BPAL-blogs and found one, but it hasn´t been updatet since 2007! Is there any reader of the blog that knows of any blog dedicated to BPAL and maybe other perfume oils, please let me know.

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