torsdag 19 februari 2009

Spring is in the air?

No, unfortunatly there isn´t much spring in the air, yet. But when I´m taking my dog on a walk the sun warm me up quite good in sheltered areas. Here, in Sörmland, Sweden, my springflowers in the flowerbed is a welcomed sign of spring. Hellebore, crocus and tulips whose bright colours become almost luminescent against the flowerbeds otherwise quite drab colours. But, in the north of Sweden, the ice break is the big sign of spring. At least if you´re living close to a lake, river or the sea. The ice break use to be in the middle of may at Alträsk, the lake where my parents cottage are situated.
Well, if it isn´t spring in the air, I can create my own little sense of spring with perfumes. Usually I´m no big supporter of fresh, delicate flower fragrances, but once in a while I long for that kind of perfume. So, what do I put on when I want to create my own, private little atmosphere of spring?
Neil Morris Springflower, is the one that comes first in my mind. The name is very revealing. This is like falling straight down in a bed of gorgeus tulips right after a gentle spring rain. The smell of tulips in this perfumes feels so genuine and true. Tulips have a discrete kind of green and crunchy fragrance and that is exactly how Springflower manage to smell. This is tulips in full bloom, in buds and also some with breaked stalks. Very beautiful, wonderful and sheer. In spite of that, it has a marvellous sillage and you will go on for hours with your own little aura of spring tulips around you.
An other, a little stronger, spring favourite is Lolita Lempicka. Here, the smell of violets are in center. It also develops a licourice/anise note on some, but not on me. No, it is an overdose of saturated violets, powdery and quite sweet. A part from the violets Lolita lempicka has an interesting and very pleasant note of clean, white smoke as the smoke from a chillum outside, loaded with violet tobacco. Utterly beautiful and all this resting on a warm, soft base of wood, vanilla, almond and tonkabean.
Do you looking for something a little greener? Maybe Givenchy´s Extracagance could be it. It has luch notes of nettle and marigold, the very rich and green smell is lightened up with notes of jasmine and wild strawberry. Oh, it´s quite nice, but unfortunatly don´t mix well with my skinchemistry no matter how hard I try!
Miya Shinma`s Tsuki, wich I recently write about, is also a dead on target spring fragrance!
L'Artisan`s Chasse aux Papillons would also be among my spring favourites if only the longvity was a bit better. Worth trying tough, maybe the longvity is much better on you? Otherwise I have been tip to seal it with body lotion or oil (without perfume).
Comme des garcons Stephen Jones with it´s mineral violet is also a nice spring companion. Cold, clear and beautiful as a springwinter day in Norrbotten (but there sure no violets there at that time).
Romea D´Ameors Mistresses of Louis XIV make me think of hilarious games in the gardens of Versailles in spring. Ladies in wonderful pastelcoloured dresses playing hide and seek in a hedge labyrinth.
Offcourse I should mention Frederic Malles En Passant, wet lilacs with crispy, cold cucumber. The smell of lilacs is very beautiful, transparent and distinct at the same time. Like sitting in an lilac arbor with a plate of cucimber sandwishes in front of you.
Today it´s going to be Springflower for me. What spring favourite will you look after in your stash? I am imaging that we can speed up the return of spring a little if all the readers of the blog put on their favourite sping perfume. Maybe we can have a cherful affirmation, something like "Give me spring now, please".

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