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Laura Tonatto - Plaisir

There are few countries, at least in Europe, that can compete with Italy when it comes to historical cities and places that also are surrounded by an air of romance, mysticism and beauty. Rome offcourse, with a past few cities are even close to, with it´s winding alleys, Spanish Steps, Fontani di Trevi, Colosseum and in the city center The Vatican State with The Sistine Chapel and St. Peters Church.
Florence, the city that saw the renassance borne and flourish. The city of Verona, where Shakespeare let his drama of Romeo and Juliet taking place. The Amalfi Coast. Napoli. Lago di Garda. Yes, I can continue to count cities and places in Italy that all feels romantic and alluring and at the same time filled with centuries of tradition and history.
Well, have I forget some? Yes, there sure is a lot of other places I should mention, but I actually thinks of a city that´s even messured with other italian cities have had more than it´s share of both romanticism and history. Venice, offcourse!
And in difference with other cities and places mentioned above, I´ve actually have visit Venice. And oooh, what I hope to return some day. Even tough I visited Venice in the end of june together with crowds of american and japanese tourists it was a unforgettable experience. It is hard to visit Venice without allready having a very distinct picture of it, you are highly excited and at the same time a bit skeptical. It´s going to be hot, a lot of tourists, awfully expensive and the channels are said to smell rotten and muddy.
Well, it was very hot when I visited Venice with my family. At the St. Marcus Place it was so hot we all become dizzy. It took os more then ten minutes to cross the Rialto bridge, cause it was as crowded as in front of the stage at a big rock concert! The kids bought corn to feed the pidgins with at St. Marcus Place and was hired as models by japanese tourists with at least five cameras around the neck. We could only afford to eat at McDonalds, and we wasn´t alone with that. Nine out of ten shops sold murano glass and venetian masks, and if you took a look, not a small part of the masks was made in China!
Inspite of that I have visit few places as romantic as Venice. The ice cream was delicious and not that expensive. The small necklace with the red murano round may been made in China, but will still always remind me of Venice. My calendar with roman-catholic priests is as italian as a souvenire can be. Trapped in rain and cloud all the way trough Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria and even a coupple of miles from Venice, it was a mercy to feel the sunbeams at my skin in Venice, even if it become a little to much finally. The channels didn´t smell that bad. And if you just took a step in another direction from the rest of the tourists you find yourself suddenly at quiet backyards and narrow alleys with little girls playing. If you´re about to get lost, there is few places nicer than Venice to get lost in!
I am imagine Venice in the late autumn, when there isn´t any tourists left. And Venice during the carnival in february. Imagine, covered by a mask, to visit the parties in the big old and often quite decayed palaces besides the dark channels. That, my friends, would be more than romantic.
Well, I admit I´ve been a bit long-winded again. Laura Tonatto have been a bit anonymous for me, but oh can she make perfume! One of my favourites among her fragrances is Plaisir. It´s all together wonderful and make me think about Venice. Plaisir is alluring, warm and secretive. It strikes me that it changes with the beat of my heart. Sometimes it´s open, sunny and easy, like standing at St. Marcus Place with the rest of the tourists. Sometimes it lures me in among the dark and narrow alleys, a secret bar, a winding stair and a room filled with man and women hiding behind masks.
Usually I don´t care som much for grapefruit note, but in Plaisir it is lovely. It brings a tartness that comes trough once in a while and then hided among warm spices, vanilla, patchouli and dark woods. When I wear Plaisir I sometimes thinks it is one of the best gourmands I´ve tried, but then after only a short while, I think it´s an oriental fragrance. The grapefruit managed to steer Plaisir away from the most sticky sweetness and it´s good. After a while Plaisir become creamier, more powdery and softer, more and more gourmand. This phase I really enjoy, it´s hard to get my nose from my wrist. The sillage in Plaisir is good, you will get notides when you wears it, but without having to battle your way trough it. Plaisir strenghten more then depress your own personality. Plaisir makes you sensual, mystic and just a bit indolent. As if you are comfortable laid down on a red velvet divan, eating Creme Caramelle and surrounded by red roses. The base note becomes more orientalic than gourmand. Warm musk, vanilla and golden amber that last for a very long time. The creamy caramell note fades and succeed with a warm, golden and powdery feeling.
Disregarding Plaisir, Laura Tonatto have a lot of other perfumes to offer. Some of my other favourites among them are, Dama with notes of vanilla, amber, iris, violet on a base of opoponax.
And Fior d'Arancio with notes of orange blossom, ylang, jasmine and white musk. More information about Laura Tonatto and her perfumes and other sacheted products you can find here: http://www.lauratonatto.com/

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