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Odori - Profumo di Firenze

In the heart of Tuscany lies Florence, or maybe Florence is the heart of Tuscany? Many in Sweden dreams about a small cottage at the tuscan countryside. Warm and dark summer nights with a glass of good wine and ackompanied by the cicadas. Day trips in to Florence to enjoy italian culture and atmosphere. I hope I will visit Florence in the future, but until then I have to be pleased with my dreams and the perfumes from Odori.

Odori is a tribute to the city of Florence and it´s surroundings. Enzo Gallardi has created the perfumes, he is also the nose behind the Bois 1920 line. I havn´t yet tried all of the Bois 1920 fragrances, but in my opinion the Odori line is the better one, wich not at all means that Bois 1920 is bad.

There is a lot of thing about Odori that´s please me, the fact that all the fragrances is inspired by a city and it´s history, culture and surroundings is one. Also that Odori, in different from other niche lines, consists of only six perfumes made it managable. To try them all isn´t a problem. It seems like Enzo Gallardi have had no troubble what so ever with the creativity and inspiration, his talent had really flown in all six perfumes. Within the Odori line there isn´t any halfgood or half finnished perfumes, they´ve seem all to have had time, love and tought behind.

The perfumes in the line is: Zafferano, Cuoio, Spigo, Gli Odori, Tabacco and Iris. Wich one is the best? Well, usually I don´t have any problems to pick out one or two favourites among six fragrances, and one or two I don´t like that much. But with Odori perfumes that isn´t possible. For each of them I have tried I tought this is the best, then I have tried the next and tought the same. They are all six of them as good, they are all six little, wonderful, pleasant, well composed masterpieces.

Zafferano is offcourse about safron, golden, aromatic and orientalic safron that arrived to Florence during the 1000:th century. Do you often find perfumes with safron to sweet? Try Zafferano, it is dry, slightly bitter and a little flowery. Yes, rose is a well knowned companion to safron, and it is in Zafferano as well, but not allowed to take any big place. You feel it once in a while, but Zafferano never become a rose perfume with a little safron, it is a perfume with safron in main part all the time. Zafferano can be used both by man and women with no problems, it is tense and aromatic but in the same time very warm, rich and easy to wear. It has good sillage, without being to much and the stayingpower is really good, considering it´s a Eau de Toilette. The basenotes rounds up beautifully with amber.

Cuoio is in contrast to Zafferano a sweet fragrance, and here it is also interesting, because leather fragrances is often tense and a bit dry. Well, that isn´t the case with Cuoio, it is pleasantly sweet and soft. Honey round it up and ginger cheer it up, very comfortable and interesting combination. But, offcourse the dry leather is there, even tough I think it´s rather smells like suede, maybe because off the birch note? Cuoio is a soft, tender, varm and sensual leather fragrance. Definitly a must try if you usually find leather fragrances to harsch and powerful on you.

Tabacco is a very aromatic, slightly smoky and at the same time tart tobacco fragrance. In a way it make me think it smells like tobacco before it has been dried, worked and flavoured. It is kind of fresh and chewy, actually it smells like something I would like to chew on! Eucalyptus and citruses adds a freshness, this is never an overly sweet tobacco perfume. It isn´t really tight, but in some way a bit reductive and balsamic. This isn´t the kind of tobacco used for cigarettes, no this is fine, high quality tobacco for the finest cigars, without being a mens club smell. Remember that traditionally it was women that roll the cigars.

Iris is wonderfully interesting! The iris was the symbol of the florentinian republic during the middle ages. Odori´s Iris dosn´t remind me of any other iris fragrance that I´ve tried. There is warm, cold and carrot smelling iris fragrances and there is Odori´s Iris. Iris is dry, papery and amazingly nice. Irises is supposed to dry for over a thousand days to be able to get the essence out of them. Odori´s Iris smells like I imagine that it smells in the room where the irises are dried. It is a grown up fragrance, beautiful and striking on women (at least on me) and irresistible sexy on men (read:my husband). I feel kind of more upright when I wear Iris, it is a perfume with grace.

Gli Odori is dedicated to the little, slender flowers of aromatic herbs. Sage and rosemary grows around Florence and you can buy small bundels of herbs wrapped in newspaper at the city markets. And what about Gli Odori? Oh, well I love it, this fragrance make me so happy! It smells like the smell of joy! It is so delicate, and kind of ripple and make my tounge tickle when I smell it. I wonder if it might be some secret afrodisiac in Gli Odori? In any case, Gli Odori is light and fresh and still with warmth and deepth. Is this the best in the line? Maybe, but at least one of the most unexpected, for me, to really, really like. A small, exquisit pearl, don´t miss it!

Last but not least, Spigo. Oh, really, this must be the best! Fantastic! A little explosion of warm, sweet and fresh citruses together with aromatic lavender. Lavender often become somewhat chilly and anti-septic in perfumes, maybe you think lavender is more suitable in the linen cupboard? Give Spigo a try, sure there is the chilly freshness in the topnote, but just wait a while. Soon there is lovely vanilla and tonkabean warming it up very nice. It become a creamy, rich and warm lavender. In the end there is a delicate gourmand of vanilla, tonkabean and amber. Yes, it is actually so delicate that I want to nibble on my arm!

Odori is the absolutly best I´ve tried among italian perfumery. They are beautiful, dedicated and luxurious with a very italian heart and soul. Enzo Gallardi feels very passionate and dedicated in his perfume making. If you only want one italian perfume in your collection, be sure not to miss out on the Odori line! There is only one problem, you will have big difficulties to only chose one.

Here is a link if you want to know/read more about Odori:

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