tisdag 3 februari 2009

Samples make my world go round...

Even tough I dream and imagine that I own a lot of big perfume bottles from Serge Lutens, Frederic Malle, Parfumerie General, L'Artisan, Guerlain and other wonderful houses, all the small samples is the heart of my collection.

I never cease to be fascinated about the fact that a small sample of only 1 ml (or less) can hold such a big experience for so little money. It isn´t possible to sample a Gucci bag or a Balenciaga dress, you can admire it from distant (if you´re at all interested in designer bags, I´m not) and maybe touch the desired subject in a shop, but much closer than that is hard to come if you´re not a Bonnier (intern swedish knowledge, compare to the name Hilton in the US maybe).

Thanks to sites as Fragrantica http://www.fragrantica.com/ I´ve come in touch with other perfume lovers that I can swap samples with. Sites as The Perfumed Court http://theperfumedcourt.com/ and The Posh Peasant http://www.theposhpeasant.com/ make it possible to test perfumes that otherwise would be very hard to get.

An other thing I found very nice is that more and more niche-and indie perfumers have start to offer samplepacks on there sites. Often to mouch lower costs than the same samples at The Perfumed Court or The Posh Peasant. And I feel it´s really good to benefit the perfumer directly, without going by the middlehands, who offcourse also want´s to make money. Sometimes it´s lead to a good contact with nice handwritten letters and extra samples.

So, here comes a little listing of perfumers offering sample packs:










I haven´t ordered samples from all of them, yet, but my experiences this far is very good. Maybe readers of the blog know of other perfumers offering samples? Give me a hint, please. I have not mentioned some that offers samples, because they have very expensive shipping rates, and in that case it is much easier to order at The Perfumed Court or The Posh Peasant.

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