torsdag 5 februari 2009

Marquess de Sade vs. Casanova

Giacomo Casanova b. 1725 and Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade b. 1740 had the sexual obsession in common. It is much thanks to their sexual escapades they´ve been known trough history. Casanova was a charismatic impostor that travelled around Europe and amused himself, often with the help of other peoples money. He published his memoirs where he writes about his sexual and other adventours in a lively way, that was quite chocking at the time. But he end his day´s as a count´s librarian.
Marquess de Sade had a different sexuality and at several occation his sexual behaviour caused scandal. He whipped females, poisoned prostitutes (with that times most commonly used aphrodisiac) and practice sodomy (homosexuality). He was sentenced to death for posion mixing and sodomy but managed to escape. But he was prisoned for long periods of time.
Maybe they would have lived in our days instead? Actually Casanova was only a handsome and charming player and Marquess de Sades philosophical toughts (he spoke of the individs absolute worth and that the individ should replace god) wouldn´t seem so revolutionary or distasteful today. His sexuality still would be considered strange, but if he outlived it together with others that liked it, it wouldn´t be such a big problem.
I am very interested in historical persons and happenings, they tell a lot of a certain historical atmosphere. When it come´s to historical persons that isn´t royalties or other kind of potentates, there is often before their time or in other way´s contrasting to the common and acceptable for that time. Otherwise they wouldn´t have become historical.
The french perfumehouse Histoire de Parfums has specialised on historical persons, that inspired different perfumes. I find it very interesting. They have chosen some historical french and Marquess de Sade and Casanova are in company with; Jules Verne (1828), Mata Hari (1876), Colette (1873), Eugenie de Montijo (1826) and George Sand (1804). They also offering: Parfum de Revolte (1969), Ambre 114, Noir Patchouli, Blanc Violette and Vert Pivoine.
Marquess de Sade is an interesting, dry and sensual leather fragrance. It really makes me think about long ago past times, like finding a box at the attic with secret and a little forbidden containt. What did actually great grandfather do when he was young? I usually don´t like dry and dusty perfumes that much, but strangely I like Marquess de Sade. It is aimed at men, but on me it become, besides the leather, powdery floral. On my husband it become more of a pure leather scent and much more masculine. If it is stiff and quiet on me, it is more thrilling and with some lash in it on the husband. If we had a bottle of Marquess de Sade, probably my husband would use it more often. As usually, some perfumes that are nice and comforting on me, become much more interesting and sexy on my husband. Marquess de Sade is one of those perfume. It is longlasting, quite linear, the top note is spritzy and aromatic, well, a must try for all leather lovers.
Casanova offers a whole different kind of fragrance experience. It is also a male fragrance, but I absolutly think it is working on me. It is round, sweet and aromatic on me. The chill that is common with lavender is softening with amber, vanilla and sandalwood. Casanova is easy to like and easy to know, but I don´t find it as interesting as Marquess de Sade. On my husband, the lavender is more obvious, making the perfume chillier and fresher, more like a classical gentlemen´s cologne. Actually I do like Casanova better on me than on my husband! But just as Maquess de Sade, Casanova have a good longvity but better sillage. Marquess de Sade is a little more discrete.
I have a lot perfumes left from Histoire de Parfums to sniff through, I like the way they are thinking, but I wish there bottles would come in smaller size than 120 ml. It is much to much for me and the prize is there after offcourse.
The pic below is of Casanova and the pic above is Marquess de Sade.
Well, tell me, who do you prefer? Marquess de Sade or Casanova?

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