onsdag 4 mars 2009

Cloudberries, arctic bramble and printing ink.

I have talked about fragrance memories before. One reason for us to like a certain perfume can be that something in it remind us of some smell from our childhood. Most likely if it was a cozy, nice and likeable smell.
Even tough I do find perfumes that wakes fragrance memories, there also seem to be fragrances never changed into the smell of a perfume. Most of these smells, make a person from Stockholm or Gothenburgh to shudder, so what? While a french or itilain hardly know what I am talking about.
First of, the smell of cloudberries (Rubus chamaemorus) on a sunwarmth marsh. Or why not the fragrance of the entire marsch with dry moss, winding pines and bog myrtle? Cloudberries, this beautiful, aromatic berry that is served as a delicacy at the fine restaurant´s in southern Sweden, but rather was a staple during my childhood. If it is possible to make notes of raspberry, wild strawberry and currants, it wouldn´t be that hard to make it of cloudberries? I guess the grand perfumers dosn´t even know of it.
Same goes for my other berry favourite, the small and endangered arctic bramble (Rubus arcticus). If cloudberries at least are recognized, arctic bramble is even more unknown. No wonder, cause this is a shy and hard to pick little berry, growing on old meadowland and in ditches. Arctic bramble is the best tasting berry there is, with a sweet and sour taste something like a mix between raspberry and wild strawberry. A perfume with arctic bramble would also have the notes of sparse birch forrest and highgrowned grass.
And last but not least, something totally different. The smell of an oldfashioned press, with the unmistakeble smell of led types, printing ink and lots of paper. Comme des Garcons have some odd one´s, Odeur 53 and 71, I have never smelled them, I wonder if they can smell something like that?
When I grow up, or in my next life when I become a perfumeur, at least I know wich perfumes I will start with.
Wich perfumes would you like to create? Wich note would make your heart pound faster, if you found it in a perfume?

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