torsdag 5 mars 2009

Waiting for my mail.

Yes, sometimes I feel almost like a neurotic. If the perfumes are in hard spinn you can happen to get the small samples in the mail almost every day.

No, the life as a housewife is seldom stressful. You have for sure heard about housewife and other shady characters that dwells in the dark of the houses while other more useful individs go to their jobs. And how the shady types with time think they´ve got a lot to do planning the visit to the local grocery store. Well, I´m not there... yet.

Any less, this about the mail is truly an excitement in my life. Actually on the edge to the tolerable since the post office decide to change the route. There isn´t enough people posting letter these days, ha! I think I would have my letters first off, some kind of VIP-treatment I think I would deserve since I guess I´m after all the one that both gets - and send most letters in the neighborhood!

Fridays are the worst and most excitement. It´s the last chanse that week for the little samples to hit my post box. This week friday have been put forward to today, since I am off to Boden tomorrow. And, can you imagine, today I´ve got two letters with samples! Not that I would have much time to them anyway, since I will spend this weekend in a car for 2000 kilometers, train in only 200 kilometers and in between at my dear, sweet little mothers birthday party! I am trying to figuring out wich perfume to wear on her party, but I guess I will take a whole bunch of samples with me, just in case...

Other perfume lover, are you as obsessed as I am to receive the mail? Or do you play it real cool? Or have you become cooler after being a perfumista a while? Or it is depending on if you are expecting a real rarity? I am that kind of enthusiastic person that become very happy for almost anything that drops down. Happiest this week I was for a letter all the way from Brasil, and it was posted for more than a month ago!

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