måndag 2 mars 2009

Moxie Beauty

Do you know what you get if you mix Dita von Teese with an old fashioned candy store? Well, I know this isn´t an easy question, but the closest I´ve got is Moxie Beauty.
Once again I happens to stumble in on a site that seem to have me in mind when creating striking fragrances! Moxie´s Burleaque Fragrances has the cutest illustration I can think of, pretty, sensual, sexy, naughty and nice burlesque-girls of all kinds. At Moxie you can encounter Jade Fox, Dolly Mixture (above the swedish post, picture from Moxie Beauty) and Molly Rocket (above the english post, picture from Moxie Beauty).
Yes, I have a weak-spot for everything that has to do with burlesque! I have more corsets in my closet than jeans and more featherboas than exercise outfits, even tough I think I would use the exercise outfit more often than the featherboa if I had some. Burlesque, fifthies look and other alike is another of my obsession`s that is hard to understand and very unpractical. Oh well, I cant help it.
Moxie dosn´t yet sell any samples on her site, but she was kind enough to make some for me! Among the one´s I´ve tried Dolly Mixture, Puppy Love, Jade Fox and Lust instantly become favourites. Not only with me, my youngest daughter adores Puppy Love and Dolly Mixture that much that I am afraid she will drink the samples, because they smell just that good! My husband sniffed happily on me with an content look on his face, like a kid in a candystore. Even the skeptical teenager can´t help sniffing in the air when me (or the daughter) wears Puppy Love.
Honestly I have encounter more complex fragrances, and bigger fragrance experiences and more awesome olfactory trips, but that isn´t really what I expect to find among Moxie´s fragrances. But what I do find, is maybe the most honest, purest and closest to real candy fragrance I´ve come. Especially Puppy Love and Dolly Mixture are so wonderful, fragrance saturated and moodlifting that they come before most fragrances I´ve tried among gourmand-and candy fragrances. Pink Sugar can be outcounted with all it´s artificial sweetness. Dulcis in Fundo, you oh so nice but oh so expencive and oh so discrete candy. Well, you get it.
Puppy Love is like being in someone´s kitchen while the most creamy-and syrupy fudge is boiling on the stove. Just like real fuge Puppy Love manage to smell sweet, without smelling too sweet, I don´t know how it is possible, but... it is. If Puppy Love would be a real fudge I wouldn´t hestitate to say that it would probably be the best fudge I ever tasted. It make me think of the fudge bush the kids (Digory and Polly) planted in Narnia, something like that it was Moxie have come up with.
Dolly Mixture is also a candy fragrance, but it is more like sour lemondrops with fizzy powder in, or maybe red, chewy and very fresh raspberry boats (swedish candy, don´t now if they are availabe international) or no, maybe that kind of tutti-frutti drops in all the colours of the rainbow. Yes, Dolly Mixture actually smells like all of that candies, first of bursting with raspberry boats and then followed by fizzy lemondrops and slowly finishing off with a sweet smell of tutti-frutti mix, and oooh, what a gorgeus tutti-frutti it is. This one is also so true to the original that I am having problem not to lick my wrist.
Puppy Love and Dolly Mixture has, as the other Moxie-fragrances I´ve tried, a really good sillage. Inside a little drop goes a long way, and outside two tiny drops feels like having your very own, secret candy factory under your coat.
Jade Fox is a pleasant and pretty smell, that goes well together with the japanese burlesque-girl, here Moxie has abandoned the candy land, and that goes for Lust to that is a much more grown-up fragrance. Both of them are really nice, and kind of clean and high-pitched.
So if your up to smelling like old-fashioned, mouth watering candy? Then Moxie Beauty is the place to visit. Another good thing about Moxie is that you also find all kinds of bath-and bodyproducts on the site, for very affordable prices.

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