tisdag 10 mars 2009

Difficult choices.

I am often satisfied with samples when it comes to the more expensive perfumes. A small samples of a very liked fragrance can last very long, since I don´t use the same perfume so often. I don´t have any desire to find "the right" when it comes to perfume, I don´t need only one signature perfume, I need many.
Despite that, offcourse I dream about big, new and my very own bottle of the more pricy niche fragrances. Until now all niche perfumes I´ve got have been either used or in small bottles/ decants or actually quite cheap. So I haven´t yet treat myself with any bottles of Serge Lutens, Frederic Malle, Parfumerie General, L'Artisan or Bond No 9. But soon it will be time for that, I have been close earlier and regret it, but now it feels like I wont.
But, wich one should I buy? Serge Luten´s Borneo 1834 or Arabie? Frederic Malle´s Carnal Flower? Parfumerie General´s Aomassai or my new love, Cadjmere? L'Artisan`s Safran Troublant or Dzing!? Bond No 9 Silver Factory or New Haarlem? Aaaaaah, it´s so hard to chose only one! Maybe I will let my husband decide? Shall I buy the cheapest or maybe the most expensive? Or maybe chose two close to the top-perfumes that is a little cheaper? Hardhardhard!
From where shall I order? I think it´s safer to order inside Europe, it don´t want to pay custom and taxes on allready expensive perfumes.
Maybe I wont make it this time either, I crash and order 50 samples and four decants instead, only because I can´t decide.
How do you decide when it´s time to buy a big bottle of pricy perfume? Or do you shop big bottles so often that you don´t have that kind of problem? Or do you waiting and tossing and turning and compare the different perfumes over and over again?
Well, aside from that, my mothers birthday party went off very well. All her kids at home in Boden at the same time, it hasn´t happen since my niece was born 4½ years ago. My mother got Lancome´s Tresor from me, I know that she likes it and also samples of Red Moscow, L de Lolita and Amouage Lyric and Jubilation. Sorry folks, but I don´t get the greatness with Amouage, they smell good and flowery, but for that price I expect a pre-hallucinatory olfactory experience!
And my brother read my blog, thank you little brother, but he thinks I would separate the swedish and the english version. I haven´t thinked about that, but maybe he´s right? Maybe it would be easier to have a swedish version blog on one side and the english one another? Do you think it would be good? Or do you think it is good as it is? Your opinion is valuable, please come with suggestions. It wouldn´t be much more work for me anyway.

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Anonym sa...

For the most part, I live off samples & small decants, but I recently splurged on a full bottle of Bois Blond and couldn't be happier! Of course, I had sampled it first and knew I loved it. Choose the one that makes you the happiest, regardless of the price.


rebella sa...

If there wasn´t any samples I guess there wasn´t any perfumistas either... At least not as many. Wow, am I glad for the possibility to sampling? But I would be happy to have a big bottle of one of my favourites also. :)