måndag 12 januari 2009

Finally! The long wished-for samples has arrive!

Today, finally some of the samples I´ve ordered before Christmas arrived. They are really worth waiting for tough. Right now I am wearing one of them and it makes me all bubbly and happy and at the same time a bit adventurous. It is not far away from stop me from writing, tough I preferable want to sit with my wrists attached to my nose!

What perfume it is? Nope, I want out that yet.

Among the one´s that arrive with the mail today, was two Amouage samples, Lyric and Jubilation. It isn´t one of them I am wearing right now, but I am offcourse curious about them, since I have heard a lot of -positive- things about Amouage.

Well, I have to doubt some persons educational level. My lovely husband was going to mail a letter to USA for me (with samples in it, offcourse!). And the girl at the local store looks at the letter and then asks "Is it within Europe?".

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