torsdag 29 januari 2009

Miya Shinma - Tsuki

I have for certain called perfumes easy, airy and even ethereal. That was before I´ve tried any of Miya Shinma´s perfumes. Miya Shinma is japanese, but active in Paris. I think of her perfumes as something totally different from western perfumes, but not without benefits from the art of french perfume making.
The Miya Shinma collection has five perfumes, Feuillage Vert, Kaze, Sakura, Hana and my favourite, Tsuki. Besides perfumes, Miya Shinma offers a variety of perfume assecories, fans, perfumed pearls, tea and perfumed lettersets. Everything looks very cute and nice, I wouldn´t have anything against owning a set of perfumed pearls. More to read about and look at you find here:
Well, Tsuki is my favourite. It is a romantic perfume, dedicated to the moon, and characterised as oriental. To me it isn´t at all oriental, but at the same time very oriental, if you got the point? Usually I think of oriental fragrances as warm, spicy, woody and sweet. That isn´t what I find in Tsuki. No, Tsuki is oriental as in foreign, refined and at the same time very simple. And I find Tsuki to be a very clear, ethereal and linear fragarance. On me Tsuki is about wild strawberries, wild strawberry flowers and clear and refreshing as water or easy, airy and floating.
I usually don´t like perfumes characterised as floralfruity, they usually make me frown or shrug. Often I find that kind of perfumes to be loud, owersweet, heavy and imature.
Tsuki whispers, caresses, sooths, touches and are uplifting. Wild strawberries growing in the ditches, picked on a straw by happy children, with the whole summer in front of them. And yet, Tsuki isn´t a childish or girly fragrance. Tsuki hasn´t any sharp edges or transfers, and yet not boring. It lack of that heavy anchor that is common in perfumes, it is an ongoing topnote floating upwards, a balloon filled with helium that has breaked away, a kite flying high, the dandelion fuzz waiting on a whiff of wind. Wild strawberry soda in the arbor. Tsuki is beautiful, soothing and uplifting and the same time. Two tiny drops is enough to make me enjoy Tsuki for several hours. Isn´t that a small masterpiece, considering it´s lightness? When wearing Tsuki I don´t feel like stressing, talk loud or making gestures. If I ever would try to learn a japanese tea ceremonial properly, I would strengthen myself with two drops of Tsuki, and be sure to manage better than without.
But, dosn´t Tsuki lack of sensuality and being to casual? No, not at all, the men in my family really like it, not many perfumes I´ve tried has been so appreciated. Even the teenage son commented on how good it smelled. Very worth trying! I do enjoy Hana as well, presented as a floral perfume. But when I am wearing Hana it makes me think about pretty and perfect soap bubbles, great numbers of soap bubbles glittering in the sun. Over all, Miya Shinma´s fragrances are well put together, light and longlasting. Like little drops of the most pleasant cultural clash you can imagine.

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