onsdag 7 januari 2009

A rose is a rose is a rose... Parfumerie General - Brulure de Rose

When testing perfumes I associate in different ways, it could be memories, movies, music, a colour or pure fantasies. A perfume incapable of making any associations, feelings or reactions I think is a very boring perfume, but most of perfumes do make some impressions even tough some tend to be very simple and sparsely.
Parfumerie Generals Brulure de Rose, do touch. Maybe not in a complicated and intriguing way, but still a very deep and beautiful touch. I am once and for all not a particulary religious type, but some experiences can bring a certain spiritual dimension and Brulure de Rose manage with that. If there was a heaven and if it would grew roses there, I am sure they would smell like the roses in Brulure de Rose. And they would all be pale pink and entirely divine.
Brulure de Rose is inspired of the life or development of a rose. From the small dewy bud, to the
flowering rose in the sunshine and to the strong smelling rose in full bloom with the outmost petals start getting yellow. The top notes of Brulure de Rose is just that delicous and almost withdrawn as a rosebud can be, but after only a few minutes you can almost feel how the rose burst in to bloom on your skin and become a magnificient, gorgeus and filled with the most wonderful fragrances. During this stage the natural smell of rose stand back and are replaced with some light honey smelling raspberry musk and the slightest green notes. I sniff my wrist frenetic and imaging it can´t get any better, but it can! The last phase is so saturated, generous, mature and beautiful. The raspberry musk losen up and are replaced with roses and ambersmelling dark chocolate notes. So stunning. Så beautiful. And so delicious, because Brulure de Rose is with no doubt a gourmand rose. Brulure de Rose has a excellent sillage, I´ve got surrounded by a pink, fluffy rose smelling cloud and for a long time to, it last at least about six hours.
Some prefer there rose fragrances natural. They want rose that smells like the roses in the garden, or a rosebush complete with leafs, branches and earth or roses like the wildgrowing, windsvept roses at the sea. And yes, there isn´t at all anything wrong with that kind of rose fragrances, but I tend to fall for the big, exaggerated and very obvious rose fragrances. The rose as a flower isn´t at all minimalistic. Take a close look on a rose, it is much, it is filled, it is mature, it is intricated and well, sometimes it is compared with the female sexual organ and not without reason, yes? If the roses could speak I`m sure they wouldn´t have anything against being a bit exaggerated. What flower would have anything against being olfactory interpreted more like the smell of the optimal flower than the real one? Not the rose, I am sure, it is a diva among the flowers and that is a thing the exaggerated interpretations succed to show in a excellent way, I think.
And how about you, dear reader, do you prefer the natural and fragile rose fragarances? Or the dramatic, almost vulgare? Or are you one of those that don´t like rose fragrances at all?

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