fredag 9 januari 2009

Frederic Malle - Lipstick Rose

If the roses in Brulure de rose is pink and orange in Safran Troublant, the roses in Frederic Malle`s Lipstick Rose is deep dark red, almost purple. If the roses in Lipstick Rose is at all roses? Because Lipstick Rose do smell like lipstick, that kind of thick, soggy and very lasting lipstick that is hard to get nowadays. Somtime during the 80´ies I had a lipstick that smelled very much like Lipstick Rose does. It was a dark lipstick and when the lipstick had worn off, there was a faint coat of red left. One of my cousins claims that Lipstick Rose smells like a Barbie lipstick that she had during her childhood.
Yes, the lipstick connection is obvious, but Lipstick Rose smells much more than just lipstick. Roses among others and a violet, as far away from it`s woody origin as a beefbreed of Belgian Blue are far away from the small, timid native breed kind of cows. Just like the earlier mentioned rose fragrances, Lipstick Rose is exaggerated, full-bodied and just a little tacky. But oh, what a spirit lifter it is! When I use it, I want to paint my mouth with my most red lipstick and smile so wide that Steven Taylor in Aerosmith would be jealous. Lipstick Rose make me think about make-up lounges and clown red mouths and noses. Red baloons and feather boas. And that kind of twinkling fake roses in golden vases you can buy at arabic home interior shops. So if you happens to see a women with a bright red giant mouth, clown nose, feather boa and a little parasol on her way in to an arabic home interior shop hunting down the most kitchy roses there is, you know it is probably me overdosed on Lipstick Rose. Oh yes, the risque for overdose is quithe high, cause Lipstick Rose is really, really strong. One easy spray lasts a long time.
Even if I do like Lipstick Rose a lot, it hasn´t really a top position among Frederic Malle´s perfumes. It is a little too much, I have to be in the right mood to wear it, it isn´t a casual fragrance that melts in everywhere. No, Lipstick Rose should be saved to grey days or if you are going to a cabaret or any other place where feather boas, net stockings and red lipstick is the common things to wear. In any case, be sure to have a red lipstick closely, when trying Lipstick Rose.

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