onsdag 28 januari 2009

Pile up perfumes.

I have always wonder about perfume lovers that seem to have a lot of not yet tested samples. Until two weeks ago, I managed to try new fragrances in the same rate that they arrived. But, then we got us a puppie...

Suddenly the perfumes started to pile up, even for me. Writing this I have about 20 (or 40 if I count the Serge Lutens wax samples) not yet tested sample vials at home. While in the same time receving a lot of wonderful, pleasant and interesting perfumes, you got it, right?

So, how do you do with your samples? Do you test one each day or several? Do you indulge with long wished-for samples immidiatly or save them for some super special occation? Do you test new perfumes toroughly during several days or do you make it fast? When trying a perfume you don´t like at the first occation, do you give it another try or not?

Tomorrow I hope to have the time to write a review. I have plenty of wonderful fragrant experiences to share.

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