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Honore des Pres - Sexy Angelic

Do you like minimalistic perfumes? Perfumes that stays close to your skin like a secret caress? Perfumes that smells like: Your skin scent, but better! A fragrance that dosn´t trouble at all, but still touch?
Well, then Honore des Pres Sexy Angelic might be something for you. Honore des Pres is a new perfume house and launched five fragrances in november 2008, Sexy Angelic, Chaman´s Party, Bonte´s Bloom, Honore´s Trip and Nu Green. They are all 100% natural and the noose behind the perfumes is Olivia Giacobbeti, known also for her many L'Artisan perfumes such as Dzing! and also perfumes as Diptyques Philosykos and Frederic Malle´s En Passant.
Sexy Angelic has notes of angelika and Calisson, a confect made of almond, preserve of melons and oranges, it is characteristic for the city of Aix en Provence. Even tough I´ve got lost in the alleys of Aix en Provence I unfortunatly haven´t taste Calisson. After this perfume experience it feels like a must to go back there and eat Calisson!
Sexy Angelic made a flying start with quite strong top notes of bitter almond and sweetness, but it´s last only for a few seconds and after that there comes much more delicate notes of almond, angelika, powder sugar and just a slightest touch of citrus and melon. They are there, they smell really good and comforting, but I have to put my nose very close to really experience the fragrance. And I wont miss it for nothing, cause it is really well done, beautiful and sensual.
But, after all there is two things with the perfumes that do bothers me. First of all, the name. Why call this perfume Sexy Angelic? To me it is as far away possible from being sexy. It makes me think of the memory of a mild perfume, the powder sugar left in the box after the delicious vanilla goodies, but most of all it remind me of the smell from a little baby´s head. With that in mind, the name feels almost... offensive. The perfume had managed so good with just the name Angelic or maybe Pretty Angelic.
When I wear Sexy Angelic I think of an oldfashioned nursery, with rows of little boxes on wheels containing newborn infants and watching over them all is a very professional, competent and clean nurse in a beautiful unform and with the softest hands. I don´t know if it is her that smells so wonderful or if it is the smell of all the babies that remains in her hair and her clothes? When it comes to infants I have to admit I have some experience since I have five children and one grandchildren. Maybe you experience something completly different if you try Sexy Angelic?
Oh, well, what is the other problem with it? For some of you, this might not be a problem, but I tend to like heavy, full-bodied and strong perfumes. Sexy Angelic is very long away from that kind of fragrances. The fragrance is so light that I could spray it from head to toe without offending anyone. It is there, without doubt, but the sillage is kind of perfuming the skin from the inside instead of covering the skin. Wich might considered a performance quite uniqe, because I have never experinced it in any other perfume so far. If it wasn´t that I am kind of greedy when it comes to my precious drops of Sexy Angelic, I would like to try it all over my body, so that is a hot tip for my moore wealthy readers!
Dispite the name and the weakness I find myself constant sniffing my wrist when I wear Sexy Angelic. Seldom I have tried a more pure, scaled down and still very beautiful and definitly original kind of perfume than Sexy Angelic. Even tough I love the smell of an infants head, I´m not sure if I really like to smell that way myself. But I am sure that Sexy Angleic would be perfect to seattle down stronger perfumes, for instant I think it would be intersting to layer it with Tauer´s Lonestar Memories, Comme des Garcon´s Tar and Robert Piquet´s Bandit.
No matter what you think about smelling like an infant, I really recommend you to try Sexy Angelic if you happen to have a chanse, ther isn´t much like it out there.
Do you like to know more about Honore des Pres? Check it out here:
The pic above is of Calisson.

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