fredag 2 januari 2009

New year, new perfumes.

I celebrated the New Years Eve in tranquility with my closest family. I made salmon with safron-and chili mayonaisse served with potato gratin. To desert I´ve made an ice cream bomb. I also had some perfume testing with my oldest daughter and she had finally ordered a big bottle of her own Anglomania. On New Years Eve I worn Etat Libre d'Oranges Vraie Blonde and it contribute to make the atmosphere festive, even tough we didn´t actually drink any champagne.

And what other perfumes are coming up in the beginning of the new year? Well, my bottle of Boudoir have found a new home and in return I´ve got me a bottle of Chopard`s Casmir, and some small surprises of Dior`s Midnight Poison, Dolce&Gabbana`s The One and Hermes Eau de Merveilles. I am wearing Casmir right now, and it is a warm and pleasant oriental vanilla.

I am waiting for no less than 16 samples that I´ve ordered before Christmas, hoping that they will arrive to Sweden soon. What samples it is? Well, that will be a surprise, because as usual I have a plan...

And I couldn´t resist ordering a bottle of Dior´s Hypnotic Poison, since I found it at a very good price at and for once I have tested the perfume BEFORE buying it.

The surprise I was promising before New Years Eve was actually this, that I have start writing my blog in english, be patient with my abuse of the english language, please...

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Anonym sa...

Hi Annelie,

Good to see you have started writing in English. I'm sure many of us from the Fragrantica forums will be curious and eager to read your thoughts and musings on perfumes! I'm adding your blog to my subscriptions right away...

Take care,

rebella sa...


I hope you will enjoy my blog and I am so glad to have you as a reader.