lördag 3 januari 2009

Guerlain - Shalimar

Shalimar is one of the big classics in perfume. Jacques Guerlain created it in 1925 and he was inspired by the legendary lovestory between the mogul emperor Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal. They had a long and passionate marriage and when Mumtaz Mahal died while giving birth at the age of 39, Shah Jahan started the building of the great Taj Mahal to her memory. Shalimar is named after The Garden of Shalimar, Mumtaz Mahal`s favourite garden.

Even tough Shalimar is over 80 years old by now it feel timeless and modern in a way not all classics do. Even tough Shalimar is quite a new acqauintance for me, it manange with it´s sensual and warm elegans feel like an old favourite. Shalimar has some similarities with another of my favourite vanillas, Felanilla, it starts of hesitant with some notes almost medical, but then opening up after about half an hour in an absoluty stunning way. The topnotes in Shalimar is like they emerge from some old medical tincture flavoured with citrus essence, bitter, abrasive and stale. But ooooh, the lush, aromatic and very sensual reward that comes afterwards is so worth waiting for!

Shalimar is as mentioned before timeless, but without being boring or oldfashioned. Dispate that I have a bit hard time imaging Shalimar on very young women, my middle daughter (19 years old) like it on me, but wouldn´t wear it.

Shalimar works very well in festive occasions, especially during the cold season. It might be a bit heavy for summer, but if it is a big favourite I recommend a bottle of Shalimar Legeré, that has strong resemblance with the original, but lighter and less orientalic.

Otherwise I do recommend Shalimar to all sensual occasions. Do you want to feel wrapped in a golden indian sari or by your lover´s caress, Shalimar is up to the task. Do you in a subtle way want your lover´s close notice? Put on some Shalimar, everywhere you want to be kissed and wait...

A perfume inspired of one of the world history`s most famous lovestories is offcourse very romantic, sensual and warm. A big bonus with Shalimar is the gorgeus bottle that matches the perfume elegantly.
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